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Futureproofing construction

Residential construction solutions also for tomorrow’s needs

Dimensional accuracy to construction

Innovating how we build

We develop and provide industrial construction solutions that elevate the use of pre-assemblies and takt production methods in residential builds. Apartments are finished with a higher quality and considerably shorter lead times – today and tomorrow.

Flow Modules 3.0 offering

Bathroom pod

Advanced bathroom pod and building systems entity full of innovations. Appreciated by construction sites, the pod can be easily installed to various residential building structures, and it comes with thoroughly planned solutions and clear interfaces.

Our standard bathroom pods are available with ready-made designs, quick delivery, and cost-efficiency – but the pods can also be tailored to your project’s needs. The exterior of all our pods provide dimensional accuracy to other sub-assemblies on your site.


A turnkey service for interior finishing works, up to 2 months faster than traditionally. Using takt production methods, Sitefactory produces an entirely finished apartment at the end of each 4-hour takt. As time is money, this results in significant cost savings.

The service contains the finishing works of a residential building project, site management and the site workers, plus a takt production plan that looks to optimize the full project. In addition, the service comes with real-time monitoring and cost management.


Sub-assemblies such as ventilation systems, electrical equipment, and kitchens, can be pre-fabricated off-site and installed on-site quickly and cost-efficiently.

The pre-assemblies are matched to the bathroom pod, as in the world of wide concrete tolerances, the pod provides a zero-point to dimensional accuracy. Our latest pilot on ventilation pre-assemblies in Q4/2023 resulted in 20% cost savings. Stay tuned for more!

Sensors and monitoring

A cost-efficient turnkey service for construction site monitoring. Our bathroom pods can be pre-equipped with sensors to monitor environmental conditions like temperature and humidity in each apartment.

The service comes with a ready-made, real-time view to each apartment, starting from the bathroom pod installation. The view points out apartments where, for example, concrete drying conditions may not be optimal.

Zero-point for dimensional accuracy

Flow Modules doesn’t only manufacture highly advanced bathroom pods. For us, they’re way more than just bathrooms.

We’ve worked a lot on standardization, and thanks to our product development, our bathroom pod today provides the construction site an accurate installation platform for all other components of a residential apartment, from ventilation systems and electrical equipment to kitchens.

By fitting together the bathroom pod, the complementary pre-assemblies and our Sitefactory, we can guarantee the fastest lead time and the most cost-efficient solution in the market for residential interior finishing works.


Flow Modules took care of everything really well until the very end of the project. As a whole, they took a couple of months off of our master schedule.


Too often, the quality of finishing works is based on finding a professional builder, not so much on a process that is thoroughly thought out. Sitefactory changes this – and creates true preconditions for successful takt production.


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We’re also more than happy to have you visit our factory or to arrange a visit to one of our customer’s construction sites.


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