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Bathroom pod

Our advanced bathroom pod is easy to install, cost-efficient at the whole project scale, and it provides dimensional accuracy to construction.

Flow Modules bathroom pod, storage at the factory

The most advanced bathroom pod in the market

Thanks to our innovative base and appreciated service, our bathroom pod is highly appreciated by construction sites. Our standard pods come with highly advanced interface solutions, and the needed designs are readily available. The pods can also be tailored to suit your project.

At Flow Modules, the bathroom pod is also a lot more than just a bathroom. We’ve developed it to serve as the zero-point for dimensional accuracy for other prefab solutions in the apartment.

High-quality, fast, and low-cost bathroom pod

Our pods come with innovations such as the base and duct solutions that meet multiple needs in one go.

Base 3.0 concrete base

The innovative Base 3.0 pre-cast concrete base revolutionizes the possibilities for bathroom installations. It adapts to the building frame type and can be made to bear its own load.

Light-weight walls

The light-weight, welded steel walls come with incorporated waterproofing. They are attached to the base with our standardized solution. The wall structure enables a high-quality interior, yet leaving ducts visible on the outside for easy installation.

Duct System 3.0

We pre-install the preferred building service components to our pods. These include water, drain, electricity ducts and a switchboard, as well as HVAC components.

Drain Case 3.0

An easy way to fulfill soundproofing requirements: the prefabricated case for drain soundproofing is faster to install than the traditional wool around the drain pipe.

Firestops included

Flow Modules is the only bathroom pod in the Nordic market to always include firestops, either pre-installed or delivered with the bathroom pod with instructions.

Base 3.0 concrete base
Light-weight walls
Duct System 3.0
Drain Case 3.0
Firestops included

Bathroom pod for any building frame

Our bathroom pod comes with supreme possibilities for installation thanks to our innovative Base 3.0 concrete base. It adapts to any building frame:

  • PARMAflow solution for hollow slabs
  • Cast-in-place with a single cast
  • Traditional recessed bathroom slab
  • Super slab

The bathroom base is always pre-fabricated upside-down in a mold for precisely accurate dimensions and floor and drain slopes.

Factory work for the bathroom pod Base 3.0 before concrete cast

The bathroom pod was a really good solution for a cast-in-place frame. The pod was simply lifted to its spot and it was done. This took a couple of months off of our master schedule. Flow Modules took care of everything really well until the very end of the project.


The NPS for our pod deliveries has even been the fantastic +100 on some sites. It’s really great to see how the years of development effort starts to show in such a concrete way.


With the technical solutions of the pod, we’ve looked especially for overall optimization. It creates the most value and brings efficiency to construction, instead of just looking at small details separately.

Flow Modules standard bathroom pod layout example

Standard bathroom pods and tailoring

The standard bathroom layouts provide readily designed options for numerous needs. When needed, we also tailor the pods to meet project requirements.

  • Standard pods come with readily available designs and fast delivery
  • Tailoring gets you exactly the kind of bathroom you need

Interior as you prefer

Thanks to our production methods, our bathrooms have an even, high-quality interior look & feel.

  • Tiles and furniture are matched with the pod type
  • You can select from a pre-made interior suggestion or design the interior as suits your project style

Bathroom pod provides dimensional accuracy

Quality and certification

Kiwa Inspecta Oy has granted Flow Modules several sertificates that guide the daily quality assurance at our factory. The pod structure has passed the ETAG022 waterproofing tests.

Quality assurance is carried out in our daily operation constantly. Each bathroom goes through several quality inspections that are carefully documented. This includes also photos and drain inspection videos that are easy to return to if need arises.

Each bathroom pod base goes through drain inspection

Additional services

At Flow Modules, the bathroom pod also serves as the enabler for dimensional accuracy.

The Flow Modules 3.0 Building Platform turns the pod into a zero-point that other prefab solutions can make use of. Coupled up with the efficient Sitefactory concept for carrying out the finishing interior works, the construction site can reach significant cost-savings thanks to a shorter lead time of the whole project.

Inspecting a bathroom pod at a construction site


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