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The Sitefactory concept enables completing the interior finishing works of a new residential build with takt production and short lead time.

Interior finishing works up to 2 months faster

Sitefactory is an entity that consists of the finishing works of a residential building project, takt-trained site workers, and methods and templates for the site management. We coach new site managers to the concept, including takt production planning for overall optimization, and daily practices.

In addition, digital tools enable following up on the site progress per takt area, updated by task statuses.

Free Sitefactory webinar

Case study: How to complete the interior finishes in 4 weeks?

Webinar by our subsidiary, Sitedrive, shares a Sitefactory pilot case.

Sitefactory is a unique entity

Sitefactory brings the site management and site workers into a single team

Takt-trained workers

Sitefactory runs on takt production principles. The works are carried out by our team where each worker is trained to their specific work package.

The team works per hour, not as contracts. This makes overall optimization of the works the interest of the whole team.

A schedule printout at a Sitefactory construction site

Takt production plan

The site manager of the general contractor pre-plans the works at a much more detailed level than traditionally, using specific instructions and the Sitedrive software. Work packages are balanced for overall project optimization.

We train those managing a Sitefactory site for the first time, to the concept during an actual project.

The Sitefactory concept chops up the work into small work packages

Interior finishing works

Interior finishing works are carried out, for example, in 4 hour takts, from floor smoothing to finishing. The takt area is one apartment.

The site management is daily present at the build.

Once the takt train has progressed enough, Sitefactory produces an entirely finished apartment at the end of each takt – that’s 2 apartments per day.

Sitefactory creates significant savings

Short lead time and fully finished work at each takt have a massive impact on the overall budget. Lead time per apartment is even 80% shorter, and the schedule savings in the full project are typically up to 2-3 months. On a Sitefactory site, you really feel the progress in every apartment that the train is at on your visit!

Contact us and let’s see how we could bring the concept also to your project.

Schedule example on how Sitefactory results in a significantly shorter lead time compared to traditional subcontracting model

Fully finished at an even pace

No more unclarities – Sitefactory produces an entirely finished apartment at each takt.

  • Quality inspections start already after the first takt
  • Potential errors are found immediately
  • Inspectors see a completely finished apartment even 6 months before project handover

No more post-fixing errors. Sitefactory completes the works in one go.

What works are included in Sitefactory?

Floors and trims

Fixtures and appliances

Cleaning and finishing

On-site logistics

Even quality

Floor smoothing
  • Preparing for laminate flooring, wall bottoms and doorsteps
  • Around battery pipes, etc.
Laminate floor installation
  • Underlayment, laminate flooring, protection covering when finished
  • Skirting boards, doors and doorsteps, windows, expansion joings
  • Kitchen cabinet skirting

Straightness and funcioning checked

Permanent fixtures
  • Fixtures and cabinets, cooker hood, oven, ventilation
  • Door frames, doors and sliding doors, doorsteps
Appliances and equipment
  • Dishwasher, floor protection, stove
  • Finishing up the bathroom pod interiors

Flawless, finished apartment

  • Washing the windows, cleaning out dust
  • Appliance covers
  • Finishing the kitchen seams and window trims
  • Door stoppers
  • Fixing dents or scratches

Preconditions for efficiency

Material hauling into the apartments
  • Fixtures, laminates, doors, trims and appliances according to apartment-specific plan
  • Planning logistics and on-site storage
  • Garbage disposal at each takt
  • Safety and accessibility of passageways

Too often, construction quality is based on a skilled site worker, not so much a thoroughly polished process. Sitefactory changes this – and creates true preconditions for successful takt production.


Sitefactory brings takt know-how to sites

Pre-planned work packages at a very detailed level make site management easier and pace out the entire site.

The Sitefactory principles highlight the value of truly managing the works at the site. When the schedule is chopped up in small, fast-paced and clear work packages, the entity is easy to control. This shirts the site management’s role towards managing the people – not paperwork – supporting the workers and fulfilling the preconditions required to carry out the works.

No more various sub-contractors. Only straightforward, clear day-to-day management with real-time situational awareness.

A takt production plan in the Sitedrive software according to the Sitefactory concept

Interested in Sitefactory?

Contact us and let’s see how we could bring the concept also to your project.

We also organize site visits when possibly (currently only in Finland).