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Sitefactory webinar – How to complete the interior finishes in 4 weeks?

Lean construction and takt production sound almost too good to be true, yet some companies use it to reduce building times by weeks and months. How is this possible? In this Sitefactory webinar organized by our subsidiary, Sitedrive, we share a Sitefactory pilot case, a real-life project that did just this.

In this Sitefactory webinar, you’ll learn:

Speakers: Eetu Heiska from Sitedrive, and Hanna Backman and Sami Purtola from Flow Modules.

Why it matters?

The construction industry is facing a growing need to bring efficiency to how projects are carried out and completed – both on schedule and in high quality. Takt production is out to change this.

Instead of looking at the efficiency of a single factor, our Sitefactory concept looks for overall optimization in the efficiency of the interior finishing works. It enables completing the project at a much faster schedule. This, in turn, can bring tremendous financial benefits to both the general contractor and the building developer – not forgetting the clarity of the site management that both the site managers and the workers tend to appreciate.

When and where was the Sitefactory webinar held?

Time: April 17th, 2024, at 10-11 (UTC +3)
Location: Zoom (recording in YouTube by Sitedrive)

Discover the revolutionary Sitefactory concept

The Sitefactory concept consists of the finishing works, site management and the site workers, training where needed, plus a takt production plan that looks for overall optimization.

The concept enables completing the interior finishes up to 2 months faster.