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About us

Our goal at Flow Modules is to make residential building construction fast, high quality, and cost efficient.

For us, the bathroom pod was always more than a bathroom

Urbanization continues strongly, and the need for affordable, quality housing is not going anywhere – even if there may be momentary dips. To meet that need requires sustainable and cost efficient apartment production – also in the future.

We at Flow Modules started off from the bathroom, as traditionally it is both the most complex and the least standardized part of the apartment. But our vision went always beyond the bathroom.

The brief history of Flow Modules

First came 1.0, then 2.0 and 2.5

Our first bathroom pods were made with a wood and plasterboard structure. Module 1.0 taught us the basics of pod production – including the pain points. From those learnings, we developed the 2.0 with emphasis on industrial production and new types of interior designs. To this, we added especially findings on how to make installation smooth on the construction sites, which we saw come to life in Module 2.5 over the course of several development years.

Finally, the time was ripe to combine the years of development into a building platform to serve also other prefabricated components.

By combining the bathroom pod, other prefab components and the Sitefactory concept, we can quarantee the fastest lead time in the market and the most cost-efficient solution for the interior phase of apartment production.


Flow Modules today

3.0 showing the way for apartment production

The mission of Flow Modules today is to industrialize residential construction. By improving both the building process as well as building part prefabrication, we enable wholesome, cost-efficient apartment building production.

The Flow Modules 3.0 Building Platform does not only enable cost-efficient bathroom pod production and development by customer-specific needs. The innovative structure to attach the bathroom pod to the building frame, prefabricating building services engineering as a part of the pod, and the additional prefabricated components such as ventilation and electricity ducts, bring significant savings in time and materials into residential builds.

But the 3.0 also enables making use of add-ons such as environmental condition monitoring and carrying out the interior finishing works according to the Sitefactory concept.

About Flow Modules

Founded in 2016

Our foundation lays on the construction sites. We started in 2016 as a part of a startup program by Fira, a Finnish main contractor. Over the years we’ve also been known as Fira Modules and Tilatra. As our business grew, we separated from Fira in spring 2022 and were named Flow Modules.

We have delivered over 2000 bathroom pods, finished the interior works for about 230 apartments with the Sitefactory concept, and started piloting HVAC prefabs. In the years to come, we look to expand our business further.

Innovative team

We put a lot of effort into product development and innovation as a part of our daily activities.

Our bathroom pod factory is located in Hämeenlinna, about 1,5h north from Helsinki, where we employ about 30 factory workers. We have about a dozen office workers. In addition, Sitefactory employs about 15 site workers in the Helsinki capital region.

Part of Flow Technologies

We belong to the Flow Technologies concern, owner of also our subsidiary, scheduling software vendor Sitedrive Oy.